Dynomach, Inc. CNC Machining in Port Allen is a certified company with over 36 years of proven results serving the greater Baton Rouge Metro area.  We bring you the finest production as a result of our stringent standards and quality controls in combination with our state-of-the-art machining equipment.  We bring you, in a word, precision.

You'll find no higher quality manufacturing and CNC machining services anywhere.  Our staff of experts are highly trained, qualified and seasoned with a focus to bring our clients the exacting quality they are looking for.  And our facilities are capable of processing orders in any range, whether that is a small order to fulfill a tight job or a large and continuing scape of production to fulfill the ongoing needs of a subsidiary or manufacturing business.

Our technology combines the responsiveness of additive manufacturing processes with parts that are machined from real blocks of engineering-grade metal and plastic.  This provides improved material selection, part functionality and a better overall cosmetic appearance. 


Our many machining services include:

Computer Controlled Production Turning:

Our Mazak turning center is equipped with CNC controls and tools to minimize set-up times, as well as automatic part catching and indexing capabilities. Our turning machines also possess magazine bar feeders to increase production efficiency.  We have the capability to fabricate OEM parts for larger scale production runs.  With our precision turning services, we have successfully served the needs of many customers from diverse industries.

With precision tolerance, our advanced lathe turning equipment can process bar stock up to 8” in diameter and 44” in length. And we can produce OEM parts from  a variety of materials.  Close tolerances, tight concentricity and fine finishes are all part of our expertise. The best in Mazak Computer Numeric Control (CNC) equipment, and experience make us the performance leader in CNC turning.

Computer Controlled Production Milling:

Accurate, repeatable machining of materials from brass to titanium, from simple to the most complex part geometry. CNC production allows for flexible, simple design revision and optimal speed and consistency.

Rapid CNC machining with Dynomach, Inc. allows for maximum speed and efficiency, without sacrificing quality or precision. Any design, any material: no limitations. Today’s CNC technology allows for unprecedented speed and productivity.

Multi-Function & Plastic Machining:

Efficiency, precision, repeatability: these are just some of the benefits of a Computer Numeric Control (CNC) production run. Today’s CNC technology allows for unprecedented productivity of both simple designs and those too complex for conventional methods. Whether for stainless, titanium, brass  cold- or hard-rolled, hardened or annealed steel, or even plastics and composite materials, production CNC machining with Dynomach, Inc. offers flexibility and reliability.  We are “A Manufacturer You Can Count On!”

Prototype Production:

At Dynomach, Inc. we offer the highest quality prototype production using our state-of-the-art machining equipment.  We have 36 years of experience finishing and producing only the best overall product anywhere.  We have prototyped valves and mechanical seals for the chemical industry, chemical injection pumps for the oil & gas industry and medical parts.

Swiss Turning:

Swiss turning is a process that machines extreme tolerances to the machined parts. Length to diameter is not a problem.  Tolerances are .0005 are done on a daily basis.

Laser Rotary & Dot Peen Engraving:

At Dynomach, Inc. we have the ability to engrave your parts, and mark them to your specifications.

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