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Dynomach, Inc is a state-of-the-art machine shop located in Port Allen, Louisiana, and serving the Greater Baton Rouge metropolitan area.  We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the complete package for our clients.  We can deliver the finest prototype and then produce countless items per your requirements or just a few as the situation may call for.  Whatever your machining service needs - Dynomach is the machine shop for you!


Letter of Introduction:


Dynomach Inc. was founded in June of 1979.  The original  business plan concentrated on the manufacture of precision machined parts for the Louisiana petrochemical industry. Experience in pump,  valve  and  mechanical seal  parts production allowed  for steady growth. In 1987, the addition of computerized numerical control  equipment greatly expanded our capabilities and competitiveness as a full-service  manufacturer for the chemical, marine, heavy equipment and medical  industries.

Our present staff consists of 20 dedicated full time employees. We are  located in the heart of the industrial corridor, west  of Baton  Rouge, Louisiana.

In July of 1995, we moved  to our  new 7500-sq. ft. air-conditioned manufacturing facility designed to increase our production, competitiveness and improve our  customer service.  In early 1997 Dynomach, Inc. instituted a ISO  9002 Quality Assurance program to further enchance our capabilities."


Distinguished Track Record!

Our 36 years has given us a great deal of experience providing our services in the Baton Rouge metropolitan area with a distinguished track record.  Every order receives impeccable care and you can count on us to do the best work in an exceptionally timely manner.  

We make parts for you or your client's products in any quantity that the you requires and at Dynomach, Inc. we take pride in our ability to serve our customers with their high precision machining.  That’s why we’re a fully integrated CNC machining shop capable of manufacturing just about any type of precision machined part.

Need 25 pieces machined for a prototype, or how about 5,000 pieces for a OEM project?  With our years of experience we can meet all our your precision machined parts specifications.


Please feel free to browse through our portfolio and take a look at some of the fine products that we have provided for our customers.

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